Resource Request: Holocaust Timeline Activity Cards

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About the Cards

The Holocaust Timeline Activity Cards are designed for classroom discussions to encourage critical thinking about the relationships among Nazi policy, World War II, historical events, and individual experiences during the Holocaust.
The foundational, adaptable classroom activity includes over 125 cards that can be displayed on a wall in a classroom or shared digitally. It can be completed within 60 minutes, discussed during multiple class sessions, and used either as a point of reference throughout an entire course or to accommodate thematic extension activities.

Timeline card extensions are now available to request in addition to the main activity card set:

  • Anne Frank Timeline Cards
  • Elie Wiesel Timeline Cards
  • Racial Science and Law in Nazi Germany and the United States Timeline Cards

Building a timeline that integrates personal stories, key historical events, and Nazi laws and decrees provides a foundation to examine how and why the Holocaust happened. As each layer of the timeline is added, new insights, connections, and questions emerge. This activity aims to help students formulate their own questions and arguments, based on textual evidence.